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Today's Hearing Aids

Provide you with the best technology there is to offer, digital instrumentation has progressed to give the highest quality hearing the twenty-first century user demands. Customized to the user’s specific needs, one can expect to receive superior speech reception even in the most challenging listening situations.

Improved hearing in noise is achieved by several factors. One of these is the use of multiple microphones. Dual microphones automatically monitor the environment continuously, separating speech from noise. Additional features utilize a new noise management system that produces more natural word reception, minimizing background noise.

With the arrival of the receiver-in-the-canal style hearing aids, we can achieve a more natural feel by maintaining a maximally open ear combined with the most advanced feedback suppression technology available.

Two ears work better than one. Binaural coordination, improved sound localization and advanced noise suppression technologies provide a more natural listening experience.

There’s no need to manually adjust today’s hearing aids. Intended to work independently, today’s hearing aids assess your listening environment and apply the appropriate measures required to maximize your hearing.

Wireless features or connectivity allows for hands-free communication with cell phones, TVs, assistive listening devices, CDs and landline phones.

Our goal is to evaluate each patient and customize appropriate hearing aids and accessories to meet individual hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.

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